Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Goodbye My Friends

The time has come to close this little spot in blogland. I will miss you all. Thank you for your support, comments, and encouragement over the years.


Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Just for Fun

You all you know how I like to do random just for fun posts. Today I was thinking I would share with you some more of my favorites.


Vegetable- Zucchini and squash

Smell- Polo Cologne for men and vanilla cinnamon smells

Genre of book- Christian Mystery and Amish settings

Snack- granola bars and chili flavored tortilla chips

What about you?  What are favorites above?

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

My First Writing Adventure- A Devotional for My College Kid

Good day my friends. This morning I woke up at 4 AM. Yikes. Not what I wanted but I can no longer sleep more than 4 hours. So, I got up to pray and read. I even went on a lovely walk before the children woke up. On my walk and really even a little before that I was praying for my oldest who is now moved out and living on a college campus. He has a full load, works almost full time, and is very active in clubs and committees on the campus. His time is very limited and he has very tough load of classes.

I will be honest though I see a lack of connection with him and the Lord. He has been missing church to do assignments because it is his "only" off day. He has limited privacy to really pray and study the Word. He also faces a lot of different pulls, culture issues, temptations, theology errors, and etc. It can be tough.

I am not saying this makes it right that he is not making connections like he should with church or his time with the Lord. If anything I am very deeply concerned. But I have given him over into the Lord's hands and trust God will have his way in his life. We gave him a good foundation and he knows the path he should take. I pray without ceasing all day for him. I miss him very much.

As I was thinking about all these things I was also pondering what I would write about during my "writing time." Then it came to my mind to make Ethan a small devotional book that could encourage him. Snippets of scripture that relates to what he is facing and to speak to his needs. I plan to put this into action as apart of my writing time which I discussed about in yesterday's post.

I hope to give it to him by Christmas. So, he can start the year off right. Until then I will shoot him some text of encouragement and pray without ceasing.


Monday, September 17, 2018

Setting Aside Time-Writing

Hello my friends. If you all read my posts last week you know I am trying to get back into working at some of the interest and hobbies I have. One I shared with you all is writing. I have always wanted to write a devotional book and a book sharing my story about depression along with anxiety/panic disorder.

I am a long way from these two things above but to begin on the journey I am setting aside time 2 days a week to work on building my writing skills.  I will be doing some writing prompts and etc. I also plan to try and find a writing e-course or workshop to get my flow going.

I have also planned our days a little better in hopes to get a better flow to our routine at home. This has allowed me to set aside some time to work on writing and etc. Fingers crossed.

Are you a writer?  Do you journal?  What are things, helps, courses, or any tips you could share that you do or use to get your creative juices flowing?


Friday, September 14, 2018

Living Life-Homeschool & Life

This week was a strange week in homeschool due our lack of rhythm.  But it turned out to be good. The kids worked on some reports and they presented them to my husband and I. They really enjoyed this.

After art class Hannah spotted some cool mushrooms. She loves taking nature photos so we had to stop on the side of the road to capture them.

Derrick did a family devotion last night and it was so good. It really spoke to me.

We are still struggling with a schedule/routine with school but most things are getting accomplished.

This morning I enjoyed a nice time in the Lord.

Hope you all have a great weekend.


Thursday, September 13, 2018

Great Ideas! Thank YOU! What about YOU?

I want to thank each of the ladies that responded to my last post.  Wow...you all gave me a lot of great ideas and some things to think about. I love the idea of hosting a theme party that benefits charities! There were so many neat ideas you shared. I am truly pondering these things.

One thing that has really come to my mind was to get back into writing. I have always wanted to write a devotional book. I also have thought on sharing my story in written form on depression with a focus on anxiety & panic disorder as well as postpartum depression.

I have been thinking of things that interest me. Here are a few things that come to my mind.

researching history and current events
teaching children
like trying to find ways to encourage others (Random Acts of Kindness)
learning about herbs and trying to learn to garden
food preservation
nature study
word search ( I am dorky)

 I am still thinking on things I would like to learn and challenge myself to try.
I am in a different season now that my children are older and I have more time to invest in a hobby or two.

What are some of your interests and hobbies??? I would love to get some more hobby ideas?


Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Day I Was Asked...What are your hobbies or talents?

I recently have become apart of an organization called Chicktime. It is an organization that has chapters in different locations that ministers to orphans, juvenile delinquents, and foster children. It is a wonderful program. Once a month your group of women go to a local children's home and do devotionals, games, snacks, and an activity. It is like a mentor program as well.

I have been in a real funk lately and I feel I need to get out of my box. Reach out and make a difference. I know home educating/homemaking is the most important and rewarding task. I am grateful to do it. But somewhere I have just got caught up in my little home and busy with us that I haven't been the hands and feet to others outside. I want my children to see the importance to this command and need. If I am not an example how will they see and then do?!

Well...anyway I had to meet with the leaders of the chapter. I had a feeling they were going to ask me a question that goes like this, "What are your talents, interests, and hobbies/" and so I asked my husband and children beforehand because I honestly didn't know what my hobbies and talents were. I am serious I really didn't know.  I don't really have hobbies due to money and time. I gave them up years ago. Things like scrapbooking, learning to sew, trying to can, and etc. We were always on budget so I couldn't afford a machine, canning items, and scrapbook things. I used to love to host and open up our home for themed fun nights but that also came to a halt due to time, money, and lack of interest/busyness from those invited. 

 I also had a elder lady that I esteemed highly who thought she was giving wise advice to me mention I needed to let go of those things and focus on my home, husband and children only because when the children leave I would have plenty of time for things I wanted to do. I do think her advice is sound BUT if you just minister to this area then what about those souls outside of your little home? What about when your children leave you have no idea how to reach those around you?  You don't remember what your were creative at or talented at.

When I asked my husband he said, "Your good at organization, speaking at events, teaching the kids, and running a home." When I asked my kids they said, "Cleaning and cooking." Now, I am not saying these things are bad actually they are awesome. Because that is what a woman that has dedicated her life to her home and family should be good at.

But it saddens me in ways. I am on a mission to find my hobbies, talents, and gifts again to benefit my family and those around me.

I would love to hear seasoned homemakers or home educators as to how you balanced developing gifts and talents in your lives in the midst of serving your family.  Or I would love to hear from all of you no matter your season in life.