Saturday, April 25, 2015

A Nice Welcome & Ramblings!

I love wreaths. I really love seasonal wreaths.  I know they are a "want' and by no means a need. I was wanting a new wreath for our front door this year because all my wreaths are old and faded.  I already had a wire form, and burlap, and d├ęcor from things I have collected over the years from gifts and such. I did buy some pipe cleaners and some extra burlap and ribbon. I made this wreath for under $12.00.  I thought it turned our nice and gives a NICE WELCOME for our front door.

I thought it turned out very cute. It is bright and springy!!!  I want to thank you for all the sweet encouragement I have received and I appreciate it more than you all know. A new change has happened and I am just going to embrace it even though I am not for sure why, I am trusting in the Lord and that is all I can do. I do feel better. I believe I have a road to recover and rebuild my health and I am looking forward to our summer break from school to be able to get started on investing in my health and hopefully create long lasting changes and disciplines.

We are getting lots of spring rain here in the Midwest and I love the sound of rain. I am sitting here right now listening to the sprinkles and feeling the breeze through our windows. I love the smell of a fresh spring rain after a lawn has been mowed. Right now, I hear all kinds of birds, and tree frogs having them a time. I love the music of God's Creation.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. We have Ethan's 15th birthday celebration tomorrow after Sunday evening church. We are all looking forward to that. I can't believe my oldest is 15 years old.

I didn't do so well on my goals that I had set. I am really having a hard time accomplishing them all. I believe it is my season of life right now. I am praying about how to be more committed to goals. I did increase my water intake, walked with a friend this week, kept the house cleaned, and prepared as much as I could for Ethan's party on top of working 43 hours this week and church duties.

In the frugal area I turned down a lot of things to keep money for savings. I try to utilize leftovers this week and felt very successful. I set a budget for Ethan's party and stuck with it on the most part.


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Testimony Time

Dear Friends,

I would like to share a testimony of something God did for us. My husband and I were invited to Solomon Islands this summer for some mission work. It was going to cost a lot. We knew that God would have to supply because we didn't have the funds. My husband wrote some letters to some friends and fellow pastors and we had not heard anything about sponsors or received any donations as of last week.

My husband and I begin to pray that if the Lord really want us to go we would receive confirmation! God confirmed!!! My husband went to the post office church box and in there was a $2000.00 donation toward our trip! He was so excited he praised Jesus right in the post office. Well, the owner of the print shop in town was in the post office and asked what was going on and Derrick shared the story and he began to cry and praised God with my husband and then gave Derrick $100.00 toward our trip!

God is so good and faithful!!

Has God blessed you this week?  Big or small God cares! Share your testimony!

Love you all,

Love When I Get Four Meals out of One

This past Sunday I shared how I made a whole chicken. It was a nice size bird. I got 4 meals out of this chicken. I normally only get 1 maybe 2 out of a chicken. I tend to buy smaller whole chickens for money sake but they had chickens on sale and I got a large one for $5.00 and I think that is good considering I got 4 meals out of it.

As mentioned earlier I put the whole chicken in the crock on Sunday. I shredded the leftover chicken and got 2 Yummy Chicken Pot Pies. Then I still had some left so I making chicken salad out of it for lunches.


My Quick Chicken Pot Pie

I put shredded chicken in the crock pot, 1 bag of mixed frozen veggies, 1 large can of cream of chicken, and chicken broth. I eye ball the broth. You don't want it runny just smooth, like 1/2 cup or so. 1 melted stick of Real Butter. Salt and pepper. Stir all this real good.

I then cook this on low for 2 1/2 hours. Let it simmer real good. I take two pie crust. I would make these normally but because I had 2 premade ones I use this. Especially on my days I am working (I only have 16 more days until I am a full time homemaker again) it makes it so much nicer. I put one pie crust and roll it out in a 9 by 13 pan, then spoon in the pot pie mix on top of crust. I roll out the other one on the counter and then lay it over mixture and bake at 350 for 1 hour.

Serve with a salad, and cold tea. Yummy!!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Weekly Goals & Flower Bed After Photos

I have 2 1/2 weeks left at my job. It really is a bitter sweet thing for me. I honestly enjoy so much what I do, but I know it is best and meant for me to be home. I have projects swirling in my mind. But most important is investing in my spiritual walk and getting my health better so I can think and serve better.

Goals for the Home this week

Clean our storage room
Prepare for our oldest sons birthday coming up
Keeping up with the Basics as I am still working outside the home

Goals for the Budget this week

Make another budget that is more solid without my pay since I only have 1 check left before I am finished on my job.

Here are some snapshots of the work we accomplished this past Saturday in the yard. I am very pleased.

Goals for the Family

Date Night with Hubs
Plan Summer outings and learning fun

 I am so excited to see these bloom out and fill this bed.  They will be pretty.

Goals for My Health

Drink daily suggestion of water
Drink Lemon water in the AM
Walk at least 3 times this week for 15 Minutes (small goal but attainable for me)

I plan to do a wild flower garden later and my husband plans to do a raised bed for some basic gardening. Due to our mission trip to the Solomon Islands this July we aren't going to be able keep up with a big garden.

Have a Blissful Blessed Day!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Sweet Surprise

I have been so blessed by a sweetheart, Nanna Chel  from Going Grey and Slightly Green.  She knew I had been having a rough go lately with health and other issues and surprised me with a wonderful goody. I got a lovely package so wonderfully wrapped and a BEAUTIFUL card, an amazing potholder, and a Lavender Sachet which is my favorite scent in the world. I take lavender baths weekly and spray my pillows with it. I HEART lavender!!!  It was all away from Australia. I was thrilled. My kids watched me opened it and was so excited.

 This crayon tinted hand embroidery potholder was made by Shiralee at Vintage Papery. It is absolutely FUN and so creative. Love it!
I began to praise the Lord with tears that there are still sweet ladies that think about others and for an encouraging spirit. I have always been a giver and a random acts of kindness person and so it was such a treat to be on the receiving end. Thank you so much!!!!!


Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday Chicken Dinner & Crockpot Ranch Potatoes

I have 3 servants and they are the most wonderful handy servants ever. These servants are the good ole' crockpot.  I have one big one that I do main dishes in and then a crock pot that has 3 medium crock pots in one. I use these a lot to help me especially on Sunday. It can be super easy to get sucked into going out to eat when your a Pastors' Family. I have to be very intentional to make sure I have a meal cooking before I ever leave the house on Sunday morning.

This past Sunday I did a Whole Chicken.  I rinsed it off real well, jabbed holes in the chicken and then coated it in olive oil. I sprinkled garlic powder, salt, and pepper on it. I mixed up a pack of Organic chicken gravy as the directions said and poured on top and got it cooking. Totally nothing fancy but it was moist and delicious.

Crockpot Ranch Potatoes

6-8 small to medium potatoes sliced (leave skin on)
chopped green onions to taste
1 pack of ranch dressing mix
1 stick of butter
salt and pepper to taste
bacon crumbles (I used real bacon pieces)
cheddar cheese (top at the end of cooking and mix up before serving)

Line crockpot with tinfoil and spray foil with cooking spray. Throw your potatoes, sliced butter, green onions, ranch packet, and bacon and stir. Then cover the top of potatoes with tinfoil. Basically, make a tinfoil pack. Cook on high 4-5 hours or low 7 hours. I cooked mine on high. They were perfect! Sprinkle with cheese and stir a little.

These are super yummy! Have a good day!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Blessing Our Abode

We had a productive day here at the Humble Abode. We finally set aside some time as a family to do some much needed yard work. We had 18 chickens last year and they DESTROYED every flower bed, shrub, and planters. We were raising them as Free Range and Organic Hens and they were EVERYWHERE! Needless to say that didn't last long. After some got killed by Coyotes, wild dogs, and who knows what else we decided to let them go to a better home.  We needed to repair our destroyed flower beds. They turned out lovely. I am just showing the before shots. 

I hit the ground early and I first enjoyed some time with the Lord and a cup of coffee.  I am in Matthew and it was just what I needed today.

 Then I headed to the store with some money that I had been saving to do the flower beds.  I got very good deals and resisted buying more than I needed. *SMILES* After I got back we started cleaning out the old beds and getting ready for the MAKEOVERS!!!

 Hannah and I worked very hard today. The whole family did. The boys cleaned out beds, unloaded rock, mowed, and cleaned brush. Hannah and I planted, weeded, watered, and then spruced the inside of the abode up. I cleaned the fridge out and freezer. She vacuumed. We then cleaned out the garage. I AM TIRED!!

                                    Kyle planted carrots and flowers!

Ethan working hard breaking up ground to plant our new shrubs. We have a had a good and productive day. We finished up the day after several loads of laundry, baths, and cleaning heading to church for a Children Event. It was so much fun and turned out lovely. We have a great group of people that work very hard to help the church.
 I have all our church clothes ready for in the morning and a chicken ready for the crock pot. I am going to try a new recipe with potatoes for Sunday Lunch.
Hope your Saturday was lovely. I pray you have a great weekend!