Sunday, March 29, 2015

Week 1 Frugal Goals

 I do some frugal things but I plan to be more intentional. I want to set simple and realistic goals to accomplish this. I plan to set 2-3 goals on Monday to put the wheels in motion.

This week

1. Unplug all items that aren't in use (vampire use can add up)
2. Make a menu for Easter Dinner with what I already have in pantry and freezer
3. Start my $5.00 Pantry Stock plan

I am customizing an idea by this super neat list of Pantry Stockpile for $5 a week by Little House Living.

What is your plans to save this week?


Start Living Frugal..Big or Small...Just Start

Even if you have a money and can afford more than most I believe it is wise to be a good steward of the money you have been blessed with. 

I can recall countless times I said I just wished I had money to help someone or means to assist and be holding my daily Dr. Pepper in my hand or my Egg McMuffin as I was convicted of my haphazard spending.

I could afford a coat or a small need if I didn't spend on such frivolous things. I am not saying you aren't a good steward if you buy these things. I believe in the occasional treat. But when my priority isn't right it is time to make it right.

                                             Creation Museum Gardens

Here are some simple things I have done to cut some cost...

1. Made a budget
2. Make my own laundry detergent (LOVE it)
3. Make my own fabric softener
4. Try to repurpose small things
5. Cut open containers to get the most out of it (lotion bottles, toothpaste, etc)
6. Shop at a discount grocery stores
7.  Combine errands to save gas
8. Try to refrain from shopping malls and places I could be persuaded to BUYYY!
9. Using leftovers
10. Started researching ways to cut cost and put them in practice
11. fixed leaky faucets
12. replace bulbs to energy efficient in the home
13. use wind blockers for the doors to stop that blast of cold air
14. we learned to fix things on our own besides paying others from plumbing, oil changes, and home repairs
15. stopped using credit cards and paid them all off

What are some ways you save?  Please share!!!!


Saturday, March 28, 2015

Learning to be Frugal

Excited to write my first new post here on frugalality. Frugal can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. I believe it's simply making wise, thrifty, economical choices that create good stewardship and habits! Not to mention save you some dollars!

I have lived with different budgets over the years and have learned to be content in all levels. My husband is a full time Pastor but drives a school bus in the School year to pay taxes for our ministry income. We live on a budget which can range from 35,000 to 45,000 yearly with a family of 5. We also are mainly debt free. We have no mortgage or car payments. We do rent due to ministry because of lack of sales of decent home when we moved to the area 3 years ago for my hubs to Pastor.

A couple things I'd suggest when deciding to tighten the pocket book is to pray, read, research, make a budget, know your expenses and learn to be thrifty to pay off debt and build a savings. There umpteen million sites,pinterest, books, shows, and such with so many tips. I'm just another boring mama sharing my ideas that I learn or create!

After researching about becoming more thrifty I realize I lack some skills that can come in handy to cut more expenses.

Knowing some of things below I believe can really contribute to having a success in Prudent Living.

Food Preservation
Bulk shopping
Crafting with things you own
Thrift shopping (good wills, yard sales, consignments)
Knowing local farmers
Learning a talent to trade or barter
Building stock piles (with or without coupons) I do not COUPON
Knowing your stores and sales to get bang for your buck
Learn to do without and be creative with items you have on hand
Menu planning
Knowing how to cut utility costs
Cooking from scratch
Making homemade and reusable daily items

I could go on and on. I plan to learn, and expand on these things above to better our finances and home life.

Please share your thoughts....


Friday, March 27, 2015

New Change

As you can tell I am changing the blog name and hope to actually get my own domain but until now I'm staying here. I hope to do a facelift. I am changing gears because once again my life season has changed and I'm focusing on managing our home, becoming frugal and thrifty, and learning prudent living. I am leaving my job at the Christian school and will be able to stay home and keep home as well as help my husband in the ministry as he needs me. My husband is a Pastor in a rural area and he needs help and for 9 years I have homeschooled, then we went to a Christian school this past year, and now I am heading back home. To be able to stay at home I will have to pull some major budget adjustments so henceforth I'm creating a spot to journal, share, and encourage this here at Keeping Home!

Older post will stay but the direction will change here.


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Eeekkk! I Need Help!

I don't know about you but life demands have sent me on a overwhelming spin. I am having a very hard time with working, homemaking, parenting, marriage, healthy living, and being in ministry. This year I began to work at a Christian School for my kids. This is what my husband wanted and we felt we needed this for the kids education. They have grown in leaps and bounds and I am so thankful they are in a Quaint Christian Educated school and I get to be with them.

But LADIES.....I can't get a grip on it all. Laundry, cooking, bill paying, menu planning, trying to get healthy, prayer time, visiting church members, playing with kids, and being a "WIFE"! You know!

The thing is I have homeschooled (8 of the 13) and stayed at home for over 13 years and I had years I felt I was off balance. But with a little motivation and planning I usually jumped right back in.

NOT THIS TIME!  Any tips on housecleaning, organizing, and balance rather you are a work at home mom, work outside the home mom, or homeschooling/ministry mom please share!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

From the Heart of a Pastors' Wife

This is my first post in this series, "From the Heart of a Pastor's Wife" and before I start digging in I will share a little of our background.

My husband and I have been in ministry in different levels for over 16 years. My husband has been a Pastor for over 3 years now. I am complete NOVICE. But I was able to serve under a great Pastor and Wife for 11 years so I learned quite a lot and God has a way to equip you!!!  I plan to post weekly about my thoughts, tips, and mistakes (oh, there are many) as the help meet to my husband as he Pastors.

Three years ago we answered a call to step out in faith and move to a small rural community and begin to Pastor.  We were excited, scared, and powered up with Faith that great things were going to happen in this church and our lives. The first year went wonderful.  Growth, salvation, and baptisms taking place!!!  People of the church supporting us and beginning to grow.  But I on the other hand began to see the task at hand very overwhelming.  I was a homeschool mom to 3 kids, and homeschooling &  mothering young children was my season.  I also was not prepared for the challenges in my own heart that would take place to make me a better servant in this role. I also was not prepared for the Fish Bowl life.

I loved homeschooling! I loved homemaking! I loved being in the back scenes of serving in a church! I loved helping and blessing and nobody knowing! I loved being able to not be upfront! I am outgoing but I didn't realize the intensity of the Fish Bowl life until my husband became a Pastor.

We are very radical and kingdom minded. We had a shady past and the Lord casted our sins as far as the East is to the West. We don't forget how covered we were with nasty sin and how the Lord washed us, saved us and blessed us with a life unimaginable. What I quickly found out in ministry and serving others is how often people don't have that same intensity you do.

Two of my kids were excited about our new life.  One had a totally different opinion and still has a hard time. My oldest is our biggest support even though he has had it pretty rough in the Fish Bowl experience.

Next time I will share ways we have learned to live in the Fish Bowl.


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

When Moving Forward Seems Like You Are Going Backwards

As you all know my "word" I wanted to use for this year (2015) was FORWARD. Oh my feels like I have went backwards. It is so funny because every time I get on "track" I end up going backwards, detoured, or derailed for that matter.

I was griping and moaning to the Lord about it becoming so frustrating and I was TIRED of trying to move FORWARD  when all I was going to do was go back 4 steps. It hit me. My life isn't always about constant moving FORWARD without stops and detours along the way. Maybe the real test or shall I say issue isn't really the fact that I keep falling down the ladder. Maybe its the process of pushing through, moving forward no matter what. Maybe its not about moving forward and always having it smooth this year. Maybe the Word I felt led to choose and study was about going Forward through rain, sunshine, joy-filled abundance days, sad broken heart days, storms, and calm. 

I am going to stop thinking I am a failure or that my life is on a hamster wheel of mess. I am going to look at detours, pit stops, and ladder of life slips as part of the process of moving Forward.

What about you do you ever feel like this?