Friday, February 5, 2016

Favorite Frugal Tip~ Frugal & Thrifty Week 6

I have A LOT of frugal tips that I like. I get sucked in very quickly when I see a post or a pin that says the word "FRUGAL or THRIFTY".

There are so many great tips, clever tricks, and advice. Some really can save you so much and help you in so many ways.

Today though I will share what my favorite tip is.......


Yep, I know it isn't what you thought. But it reaps so much savings. *Prayer* before going in the store has led me to many savings and sales. It is amazing. I learned from Laine that this was something she did and since I started I always find meat sales, and also make better choices in the store.

When you pray that God will lead you to make good decisions in the store and stay on track you have that in your heart when you enter the store and you will stay more focused. I tend to go over my cart several times to check for any impulse choices I may have snuck in and I usually always end up finding something and put it back. This helps me not purchase things that aren't necessary.

Some encouragement that God is an ON TIME GOD!!!!

What is your favorite frugal tips???

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Favorite thing COOK or BAKE?

I know to some there is NO difference. But it is to me. Cooking and Baking are two different things when I am in the kitchen.  Today I will share what my favorite thing is.

 I love the feeling of dough, the smells of something I have created rising in the oven, and the creativity with baking. I love it. I always feel accomplished when I bake a loaf of successful bread or yummy cookies.

BUT my favorite is COOKING!

I like to try recipes. I like to play with seasonings and ingredients. I love casserole creations. I love sitting down and taking the first taste of multiple items I have cooked. I love chopping! I love the sizzle of the pan, and sound of the boiling water.

What about you.... are your a COOKING FAN or a BAKING UP A STORM FAN?

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Color~What is my Favorite?!

Mrs. Rabe from Creekside Cottage a bit back shared her favorite colors. It was such a fun post. Check it out here.

Well, this week I thought I would share with you my favorite colors?

When it comes to the home I am a little all over the map. But I always get drawn to BLUE! I like pops of red (burgundy type), yellow, and BLUE! I like creamy LIGHTLY yellow tinted walls and white!!!!! I like clean lines. But I also love patterns. Creamy beiges, whites, light browns, with bold colors such as blue, red (burgundy type), and yellow.

Here is a sneak peek of some color in our home.

Clothes....BELIEVE it or not I wear usually black. I don't know why I just like. It is clean and simple. I can pair it with all kinds of small pops of colors. But I do tend to try to dress what is right for my complexion and hair color. Light Fair and Red headed. I love to wear burgundy, browns, and navy.

When it comes down to it....I am always drawn to BLUE when it comes to the home, knick knacks, journals, coffee cups, dishes.

For clothes my eye always likes clean black lines and navy.

What about you???

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Favorite Cooking/Baking Item

Have you caught on to the theme for this week yet???

My "Favorites Week" ~ I thought it would be fun to share things that help me around the home as well as some fun things about me.

Today I am sharing my favorite thing that I use in the kitchen. It is the best item I have owned and cooks things super wonderful. Makes the best pizza. Best Cookies. Super Taco Rings, Hamburger Rings, and yummy chicken club squares. It cooks so even.

I would cry if it ever broke.  *Smiles*

It is my Pampered Chef Pizza Stone! I love it. I have bought off brands and they never EVER cook the same that this one does.

This is a perfect gift for a young married couple with some recipes for them to try. I would give this with  pizza ingredients, or cookie ingredients.  We make fruit pizza's, cookie cakes, chicken club squares (super yummy).

*Again....I am simply sharing my favorite items. I am not promoting or reviewing for Pampered Chef.*

What is YOUR favorite helper or item in the kitchen???

Monday, February 1, 2016

Favorite Cleaning Tools

Good day sweet readers,

I was thinking the other day when I was doing some cleaning how much I loved a certain handy tool I have. It is a miracle worker on counter stains, toilets, tubs, and walls. It gets rid of stains from tea rings, coffee spills, or juice marks on my white counters.

It gets those tough scuff marks up. It gets the soap scum off. It cleans hard areas that nothing else I have ever tried does.

What is my FAVORITE TOOL to have for cleaning?!!!

The Magic Eraser

I love this tool. I also think store brands work just as well. You can often find these cheap at the Dollar Store. I love them. They are so helpful when you have white counters.
What are some of your Favorite Cleaning Tools?
**I am not doing a review or getting paid to share this. I just love this tool!**

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Last Call

Hello friends,

I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend!  I am making a last call for our Book Swap! I have had a few interested and signed up with partners and I am so excited to do this. Anyone else that would love to join please shoot me an email.

Chrissy T

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sweet Packaging

I set myself a challenge to send a card or an encouraging goody to someone once a week until the end of February.  Check out my inspiration at my previous post...I am Feeling Special.

This week a lady kept coming to my heart and my mind so I sent her a card. Then a friend of mine sent me a beautiful friendship card and a recipe for the Amish Friendship Bread Starter. return I sent her some Natural Amish Soap (Made by Amish Friends of my friend) and a To-Do pad I had on hand. I had the soap on hand as well because I buy a big bag of it. I had everything on hand from the ribbon, wrapping, card, pad, and even mailing package. 

Sweet packaging!!!


Chrissy T