Thursday, February 28, 2013

Early to Rise Challenge..Hosted By Money Saving Mom

Starting tomorrow, March 1st, Crystal at Money Saving Mom will be hosting a early to rise challenge. I have dedicated to waking up Monday through Friday at 6 AM.  This is to help me get back in to my Quiet Time Routine I have been missing.

Join in..go here for more info.


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Anti-Procrastination Link-Up/Home Center

Today I decided to clean my Home Center. This is a basket that I holds all our incoming papers and bills. This has been such a great place to keep paper under control. But sometimes it gets super crazy full. So..I have to weed it out and since our move I haven't, I usually weed it monthly.
During this process I almost had a whole bag of trash....ugh!
Finished result....
  The Home Center has folders for Bills, Things to File, Important Info, my husband and I have a folder that I stick things in like cards, or invitations, church stuff that we need, then a Coupon/Sale Ad/Sale Folder. I am liking up to Amy at New Nostolgia for her Anti-Procrastination Link Up.
Chrissy  T
This weeks goals are...
Scheduling- Since moving we haven't got a groove so that is my plan
Setting up my Spring Cleaning Action Plan
Meal Planning- Again we haven't gotten back in to this.  It is a must.
Clean my fan in my bedroom!!!!!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Weekend Happenings

Thursday and Friday brought in a cold nasty ice storm..but the kids stayed home from school and we played, snuggled, and such. My husband went to a Men's Conference (church) with some men from our church so we left Friday and got back today. I had a Dr.'s appointment to get established with a new doctor since I moved just moved here I got to get all that stuff started.

Thursday we had roast, rice, and green beans for supper. I treated the kids to pizza on Friday. My husband has a birthday today so we went to get his gift and favorite candy.  He has been wanting the Ralph Lauren Polo Cologne (my fav) for 5 years and it is so expensive but I splurged and bought it for him and along with candy and special cards from us all.

I had a minister's wives luncheon today.  All the surrounding churches Pastor's wives in our organization got together and had a beautiful time of lunch, laughter, and planning for the year. I am new to this group of ladies and it was my first event with this area.  It was nice. I felt a little out of place. I am the youngest Pastor's Wife and so it is a little awkward. But I am going to glean wisdom from all these great mentors I am sure.

Tonight I did laundry and fluffed our home for the weekend, Ironed all our church clothes, and just sat down to relax. 

We are having a surprise birthday party for my husband tomorrow after church so that is exciting.

Hope your weekend was full of joy...


Friday, February 22, 2013

A Little About Humble Abode

A couple of months ago my husband resigned from his job of 14 years.  He was 4th man in the company.  We had a nice home that we built 10 years ago.  It was nothing grand but it is a home we welcomed the last two children, created many memories, hosted many fellowships, and parties. We had a pool that the kids enjoyed during the summer. We had access to Target, WalMart, and all those luxuries. Yes....those are luxuries when even the closet McDonalds is MILES away now.  We left our home church of 10 years. 

We stepped out into the unknown by the leading of the Lord and my moved couple hours away to the southern tip of our state.  My husband became a Pastor and our life has changed drastically.  Through it all we have been blessed.  We now live in a very small town that is very rural.  Things go really slow and laid back here. We lived in the city area of St. Louis where the pace was anything but slow.

Our home was a blessing because we looked for months for a house to call our home.  We were actually preparing to move into the church (they have a small VERY small hotel room apartment) and that was not the ideal thing with 3 kids, two dogs, and two adults. The weekend before our house closed and we were preparing to move inside the church this home opened up to us by some farmers. It is a nice quaint home that was clean and affordable on 6 acres.

Abode--is a small dwelling.  Our home is not the smallest but it is small and we are very thankful for it.

A home is more than just what you live is how you live in it. It is the memories you make and the joy and trials shared. It a refuge and a place to rest.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Welcome to Life at Humble Abode

I have been in the blog world for over 10 years. I have had 3 main blogs over the years. My first blog was the best blog I ever had.  Blogging was the thing it seemed backed then (still for some today I suppose) but I made so many friendships through the social media. I still have some today.  But due to some life changes and privacy issues I deleted my blog short term.  That was the biggest mistake.  I lost a ton of followers and links to great blogs and when I returned it wasn't the same. The second blog was good. I was solely focusing on homeschooling and then due to life changes again deleted my blog for a while. The third blog was very hard to maintain due to a move and change of my husbands career.

My life has changed dramatically over the 10 years and even this year alone there was a move, new job, and change of schooling for my children, major health problems that I came down with.

I am starting Life at Humble Abode because I want to reconnect with some long lost blog friends and need the extra push to journal and take joy in my life as a Homemaker and Stay at Home Mome at o Our Humble Abode.