Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Things That Make Me Smile Today

The smell of yummy Blueberry Muffins baking and then waiting for me to eat.
A welcoming front door. I just added the "Bless This Home" sticker.
Precious picked flowers by my darling little girl. She placed them in a rain boot and put them by the front door. This is a winner for smiles.
Then one of the best things that has made me smile today ....is this precious.....
What are some things that have made you smile today. Please share your comments.
Mrs. Chrissy T

Sunday, March 17, 2013

In the Potters Hands

The story of the Potter in Isaiah never grows old to me. My husband preached on this this morning. It refreshed and reminded me that I am a work in process.  Sometimes that process can be painful, uncomfortable, tender, and even trying to the core.

But I think about the passion and creativity behind a Potter.  Creating beautiful and unique vessels so passionately. A lot of potters claim that their heartbeat was in each part of the formation. I desire to be a vessel for the Lord. When we pray that we want to be a vessel, He will get to work. Squishing, rolling, beating, wetting, forming, pinching and then comes placing us in the oven to refine us. 

Then glazing, some more oven time, and then painting. And if during the process he sees any malformations, or sees the vessel not forming quite the way he desires...he will crunch it all down and start again.

Are we willing for all the work it takes to become a Vessel of God of pure holiness and beauty?  It takes a lot of the above...I can testify it isn't always fun. Far from it to be honest. Sometimes...I struggle with not just wanting to be a mudball instead of a vessel. I am just being honest. Smiles.  But in the end I am reminded that becoming a vessel isn't about me becoming a Beautiful Vessel for me. It is about showing God's handiwork in my life to others.

Lord...help us during the process of  becoming a vessel for you. Let your handiwork, creativity, and heartbeat form us the way you desire. Not our own desires. But yours. We love you. Thank you for taking such wonderful time to work in our lives and form us into a Vessel for You.

Mrs. Chrissy T

Saturday, March 16, 2013

My 1st Prayer Retreat....

I was ever so blessed by my mama to go on a prayer retreat. It was a wonderful experience. I read a lot of great devotional books, read the bible, and PRAYED. 

Part of a prayer retreat is listening. Communication is a Two Way street. You can't do all the talking, asking, and petitioning and not listen to His reply or leading of His spirit.

I planned to take pictures but I forgot my camera and I was quite upset. I did journal A LOT!!!!  I Cried A LOT!  I had some garbage that needed to be ministered to, repentance had to take place, and I had to forgive some people that had hurt me. I thought I had forgave but upon investigating my heart I realized that I hadn't. I had to make some phone calls and reconcile with some people.

I had a good experience.  The word SEEK and the messages, songs, and prayers that I felt and heard were all about Seeking God First.  In the hustle and bustle of moving, and adjusting I had some how put the Lord on a back burner. I mean I still loved him, I still praised him, I read, and prayed and did my Pastor Wife duties....but I wasn't deeply and actively Seeking Him.

Hope you all had a good week.


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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Purse Cleaning & DVD Organizing

I had two small projects (if you can call cleaning your purse a project..LOL) that I had put off for way tooooo long.

Cleaning out my purse and organizing our DVD's adn Wii games.

Purse Project...I am actually ashamed but here you go.....


My New Spring Purse....
I also cleaned and organized my wallet. 
I had a ton of those saving cards like CVS, Walgreens, and etc. and they filled every one of my little card slots and really took up a ton of space. First, I had to weed through because since our move there are a lot of stores that are in this area so I got rid of those cards. Second, I used those snack size ziplock bags to store them, and certain other little things in my wallet.  It was quick and cheap fix.
The second project that I have avoided since we moved was our DVD and Wii games collection,  It had become very cluttering. We actually don't watch a lot of movies but we have a small collection of workout videos and wholesome family movies we use for the occasional family movie night.  I started by getting all the dvd's and Wii games and putting them in categories and then placed them in holders or a box.
I organized the DVD's in this holder. It works best for us because we don't own a lot and boxes or baskets would have take to much space.
I organized my exercise dvd's in their own holder.
This box I got from Dollar General and I organized the kids Wii Games in it.
Inside the cabinet I got 2 boxes from the Dollar Store. One holds Wii remotes, and the other holds the DVD Holders and DVD's we get from the library.
It feels so much better to get these things done that I hae put off.  I am linking up to Anti-Procrastination link up at New Nostalgia and One Project at a time from a Bowl Full of Lemons.
New Nostalgia
Mrs. Chrissy T

Monday, March 11, 2013

Menu Planning Monday

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.  We had a super busy weekend.  I am enjoying my Slow Monday. Monday tends to be a little more slow at our abode.  Ministry makes our weekends like a average persons...Monday to Wednesday. Friday is like a Monday for us.  Smiles!


Here is our Menu Plan for this week...

Monday- Youth Fundraiser Night at McAllisters. We will be dining there to support our youth.

Tuesday- Roasted Chicken, Veggies, Potatoes

Wednesday- Chicken and Rice (using leftover chicken), Salad, and Rolls

Thursday- Spaghetti, Green Beans, and Bread

Friday- Chicken Strips, Roasted Potato Wedges, and Brownies

***This week isn't super excited because we are trying to eat what is already in our freezer and pantry without buying anything extra (meat and main things).***

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bathroom Love

I decided to organize my bathroom linen cloest and cabinets today. Here is the before shots.

I got some baskets from Dollar General. I plan to make labels but that didn't get done today.

I also tackled our vanity cabinets and drawers. I didn't do a before shot I forgot because I was so into working. Smiles.

Here is a peek of our bathroom. Since this a rental (while we are waiting for the right home to purchase since we just moved to the area) I am limited to paint colors and such. I would prefer a lighter bathroom (white cabinets and trims) but I am just grateful to not live in our church (that was our option if we couldn't find a place to rent) and so I will not complain. Smiles.

I love to decorate all my rooms with scriptures. I love having scriptures or uplifting quotes in every room. 

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Mrs. Chrissy T

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I am getting ready for Easter and Spring!!!

I have been slowly sprucing our abode with Easter/Spring Decorations. I am not a big decorator of this time a year but like to add a little glam here and there. Smiles.

My kitchen table....



And the only true reason for this time of year is our Dear Savior's Salvation Plan for us.
Thanks for stopping by....
Chrissy T
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Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy March.....Early Rise!!!

Good morning...I am joining Crystal for the Early to Rise Challenge for the Month of March. I plan to rise daily (Monday-Friday) at 6 am.

Today...my alarm went off and I really wanted to stay in bed....but I refuse to.  I got up fixed me some Cocoa. I woke up to snowy ground....so I turned on my morning prayer music and then dug into prayer. Halfway through my little girl woke up with a ear infection and so I tended to that and then went back to prayer. My goal was to read the bible and pray to 7:00 but it got interrupted with mom duties. Which is hilarious because my kids NEVER wake up.

I kept a cheerful heart knowing that I did get up and I am excited for the day. I got some much needed focused prayer and I will read later this morning.

Please join some great tips and motivation from http://moneysavingmom.com/2013/03/early-to-rise-challenge-day-1-your-mindset-matters.htmlCrystal's daily post on Early Rising.