Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Taking Care of Those Toosties for Cheap

I love a good spa pedicure but they are not economical and no longer for our budget.  But that doesn't mean those tootsies of ours has to go sadly neglected. My husband loves clean crack free feet. Smiles!  I am one of those people who has extremely dry skin and with my health this year (shingles, pleurisy, hypothyroidism, kidney disease, and chronic bronchitis) the last thing on my mind is a taking care of my FEET!

But ladies sadly my feet need love and one thing I like to do every now and then is to hit the Dollar Tree to stock up on inexpensive foot care items and make a homemade foot scrub and cream.  It does wonders and after being on my feet all day as a teacher it feels so refreshing.

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The Dollar store has foot files, Epsom salt, foot soak, and creams. I usually stock up on the files and Epsom Salt, and soakers.  I even bought a nice foot pan for $1.00!

Homemade Foot Scrub

2 cups of Epsom Salt
Drops of Lavender Essential Oils
1/4 Cup to 1/2 C of Olive Oil
Pint size jar

Mix all this up and store in jar.

Homemade Foot Soak

2 Cups Listerine
1 Cup of Baking Soda
mix this in a pan of Warm Water
I put marbles in my pan to roll my feet on. It is so relaxing.

Homemade Foot Cream

1 cup of Coconut Oil
1 TB Tea Tree Oil
1 TB Jojoba Oil
I put this in a small plastic container and mix up.  Coat my feet and put socks on for the night or a couple hours.

Do you have any tips on taking care of the Tootsies?  Any recipes?  Any creams you use to keep them soft?

A couple of weeks ago I hosted a Make Your Own Party with some Ministers Wives and we made these above. It was so much fun!!

Share your thoughts.....


  1. I will try the one with Epsom Salts as I have some here, Chrissy. My oh my, so many health problems for such a young girl. Not good eh?

  2. Chrissy, I can't find an email address on your blog. Would you mind emailing me via the contact form on the sidebar of my blog? Thanks heaps. I just want to ask you something.

    Big hugs..


  3. Dear Chrissy I have a ton of problems with my feet. My tips are to dilute hydrogen peroxide and soak your feet in that. The dead skin then rubs away very easily. Next is to slather on Vicks and wear socks to bed. But I hate the smell of Vicks! However if you can stand it this is a miracle worker on feet. Pretty painted toenails look lovely. I always give myself a pedicure and re paint about every three weeks. It is an ongoing thing as otherwise they get so dry it is not funny! Xx


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