Saturday, October 17, 2015

Debt Reduction NO GO!

Hello all,

I would love to say that our goal for debt reduction took place but it didn't. We aren't adding to debt but just aren't reducing sadly. I got majorly sick...still sick actually. I have been bed ridden for over a week now. It has been very difficult. So, the spending freeze went out the window as I had to have medicines, we had take out, and unexpected spending that couldn't be avoided.

I could be discouraged and in all honestly at first I was. I felt like a failure and then really didn't want to post any updates because....there were NONE as far as debt reduction.

I am just going to be honest it seems like this happens every time we want to make changes. I am sure it is a test. I am not as discouraged now because I have learned some things with all this. I will share later on.

For now I just wanted to pop on and let you know what was going on as far as the Debt Reduction plan.....not much of anything other than not adding anymore.

Until I mend my health again.......


Saturday, October 3, 2015

Strip Down Debt Plan

It is almost time..can you feel my anticipation!!! Okay....probably not. I am trying also. I am not sure if it is anticipation or complete panic or BOTH!
This coming Monday is the day we are starting our Strip Down Debt Plan. Here are a couple of things we plan to do.

Step 1- Pray. In all seriousness!  *Smiles*

Step 2- Get Serious- Know our debt, know what our money is and where it is going.

Step 3- Create a Spending Plan (I rather call it this than a budget) Yes...I am laughing.

Step 4- Create a REALISTIC GOAL for paying our debt

Step 5- Make a Freeze on Foo Foo things.  YES....I said FOO FOO!  That means any stuff not needed, luxury things, things we can do without.....ugh too many "things" we tend to want and think is a need when its not.

This week will be about getting organized and knowing our stuff to set a better path in becoming Debt Free and Good Stewards.

As well as stopping anymore debt from incurring from this point on and freezing on Foo Foo things.  I laugh when I type that. But it is what I think stuff we don't is just FOO FOO!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Before & After Shots of Unpacking

First thing FIRST was my morning time in the Word and Prayer. I am studying 1 John right now. I really dug in chapter 4.  It is all about LOVE!!!!

Second, I did my devotional. It is a new devotional called......Unpack Your Heart. How ironic it is about "unpacking"!  Smiles!  It is a sweet daily devotional and it really is  soul enriching. was time to get off the recliner....stop the coffee drinking...turn on my classical music and get going. Before you all STRESS OUT...NO my living room wasn't quite this crazy. But I had to unpack boxes and I did that before taking this pic.

The first picture of the Living Room...ahahaha!

After many cutting boxes, nails and hammer, and bleeding fingers......tada!!! Yes...I need curtains but it isn't in the budget and I am okay with that! *SMILES*

Now it was the Master Bedroom time. Please understand when we went into ministry we sold our home, cashed in our savings, and lived check to check. I minimalized A LOT. The home we had was very small and ALL...YES ALLLLL...of my children shared a bedroom. We didn't have storage, and we didn't have space for big furniture pieces. So, we are a little limited with furniture....but THAT IS OK! It is also not in my budget nor will it be going on any CARD!
I will make do.  I think it looks cozy and inviting.

Here is the BEFORE....


Just to prove to you and to keep myself from buying curtains...*WINK* I cut up my cards.  OH YEAH.....I AM THAT SERIOUS!!!!

I also got my Laundry/Office Area cleaned. I had no before shots because by that point I was tired and was ready to stop. But I pushed myself and got it done.

This little nook has always been a dream of mine. God is SOO GOOD to gift it to me.
I will be working from here. I am now a Usborne Book Consultant. Which I am so excited about.

  Here is our entry way.

Master Bath that I got almost done. I need to finish linen closet and organizing toiletries.

Tomorrow on my agenda is to do children rooms.  Yep...I am going to be TIRED!


Putting Down The Bread of Idleness... is the day I have GOT to get our HOME IN ORDER from our move. Between homeschooling, church, learning a new area, events, and keeping up with daily tasks it has been HARD to unpack from our move.

I have a goal today to do some rooms. I plan to work on our bedroom, master bath, laundry/office area.  I will do some before and after pictures. Please NOTE......we just moved 2 weeks ago.

Tonight's supper is Homemade Sloppy Joes...yes...there is such a thing. In other words....NO CAN Sloppy Joe Mix.

I do plan to share with you my Strip Down Spending and GET DEBT FREE plan later today.

But for now duty calls and the rooms are screaming. I am trying not to eat the bread of idleness and read all day!   SMILES!!!

What is your plan to bless your home today????

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Preparing to Strip Down....SPENDING that IS

As I title this post I some what giggle out loud. STRIP Down! I mean strip down in spending.  It is time to do a challenge. With our current move and many other unforeseen situations we need to cut back a little, pay some small debt, and build our savings.

 I have scoured the web reading, searching, studying, and watching videos on frugal living. There is such inspiration out in the web.  I also follow several blog that share great tips from getting out of debt, preparing a pantry, learning to save a penny to make into a hundred dollars, becoming tight, spending freeze, and encouragement on the frugal journey. There is a platform and wealth of knowledge to help anyone on their quest of frugality.

It literally drives me crazy to have small debt.  We were debt free for years and I am so thankful for that. But just like everyone and everything things happen and we had to live off our savings for a while when left the Corporate World for ministry. That was were it got sticky. Once your fund is gone and your living beyond your means then you tend to incur debt. I am not ashamed to be open about this. Because if we were all truly HONEST everyone or most at one point of time has lived beyond their means or does currently.

As a Keeper of Our Home I feel one of my duties is to help our home and family  be a good steward of the money God allows us to have. Some people can handle a lot of money and some cannot. It is what it is. STOP BEING ASHAMED!!!!

When we went to the Solomon Islands my eyes were opened on this.  Being a good steward, enjoying God's blessings in your life, trust God will supply what YOU NEED!  Not what your neighbor, not your church member sitting next to you NEEDS. I am sorry it is silly to be ashamed of what God gives you. It doesn't make you more or less. You may not have a big fancy home, a Lexus, or the "right" clothes. You very well may be blessed like that. But who says your not blessed if you live moderately, choose to live in the means God gives you, and embrace the simple life.

As my husband and I hiked down a mountain to visit a church in a gorge. We seen filth, body waste, trash, dirt.....lots of dirt.  But we heard praises literally echoing through this gorge (like a big trench or valley) where 20, 000 people crowded live. The church we were visiting was singing to Jesus..."Thanks"! It was so humbling and beautiful. As we entered this little church built out of scrap wood into a side of the mountain and dirt floors.  The members singing greeted us with flowers, and had a table of refreshments for us. The praised God like I have never seen. They talked about how grateful they were. How God is so good to them.


I want to be grateful for what God chooses to give me/us. I am not saying God wants us to live in homes with dirt floors, struggle, and such. I am saying WE need to prioritize what is important. Seek God's will and Kingdom first. Work at being a good steward of the money God has ALLOTED US to have. Be okay with that. Work to keep that, spend it correctly, and bless others. Get out of debt so I truly live on what God gives.

In Love,