Thursday, April 27, 2017

My Father In Law's Passing

I just wanted you all to know my Father In Law passed away this past Monday. My kids and I were with him at the hospice room when he passed along with my mother in law. Thank you all for your prayers.

Please keep us in your prayers and especially my mother in law.

We appreciate it!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Update on My Father In Law

I mentioned in the previous post my father in law is battling cancer. Well, this past Sunday night he became unresponsive at home and they took him to the hospital. Little did we all know that would be his last time home. A place he treasured. Due to his condition and the health of my mother in law who no longer can care for him on her own we had to put him in hospice care. It was a very hard decision. My mother in law has been staying with me. We live local where the hospice unit is. But she lives 2 in half hours away. She also cannot drive. We (including the other sibling of my husband) live off from them so helping him on a daily basis is not possible.

This will be a huge transition for her and all of us. He has really went down. He no longer remembers us, can't walk, and barely talk. He has not eaten in days or drank anything, but this to be expected in the phase of hospice.

Please continue to pray for our family at this time. Thank you.


Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A Little Break- College, Cancer, and Life

Hello everyone. I am taking a short break as we are in a busy season finishing up school, spring busyness, college touring with our oldest, and the latest is dealing with my father in laws cancer. He has gotten worse and he doesn't have long. Please pray. He is not saved.

He is losing his memory and very aggressive. He has cancer in lung, bones, adrenal gland, and brain.

You all have a great week. I will not be gone long.