Thursday, August 31, 2017

Screens & Media-HELP ME PLEASE!

Hello everyone! I need my mentors and friends to please speak up here. I would love to hear your thoughts on screens and media.

Media means to "me"- Movies, shows, games, cellphone surfing, blogging, pinterest, social media outlets

A little about us on this subject. We do not have cable, Netflix, Pureflix, satellite, or any other outside source on our television. We do have Amazon Prime and we occasionally will watch movies on our laptop that way or watch on the current Masterpiece shows. We do have a collection of family friendly movies, we use the library dvd's, and an occasionally treat to Redbox ONLY for a DECENT FILM which is rare.

We allowed our children to play games with moderation for years. The games had to be approved by us. We also allowed our children to watch certain youtube shows (science, Wild Krats, and gaming shows) on occasion.

We did not allow our oldest to have a cellphone until he was driving and turned 16. We have rules such as no phone at dinner time, in the bedroom at night (no matter what), and when we are out as a family having family time, and we also checked history.

BUT...IT IS A STRUGGLE! I was sick a lot last year and found myself allowing my guard to come down and they played more and more games, watching movies, and etc. All appropriate of course. But as my oldest is almost 18 I see him being sucked into his phone. Between working and school that is all he wants to do. "CHILL and Relax" he calls it. I also can't monitor what he is viewing as much. I see a pull in my other children to be swept up in this as well.

I will be honest! I also love my screen time. Blogging, researching recipes, pinterest, googling, youtube, and I can go on. I try to limit mine though. But still I am guilty of spending more than I should.

I am noticing my younger ones being sucked into this vortex of media and not using their imagination and playing as much. I look around even in our churches and everyone is on a phone. Walking in on a phone, sitting during preaching on a phone, driving on a phone, and on and on .

I remember going to a ladies church Christmas party and all the women but me and one other lady was on their phone the ENTIRE time. A little talk here and there and laughter here and there but your were competing with a screen to fellowship with them.

I see the youth today in our churches standing around with tons of teens around and literally staring at a phone. My son said this was the hardest part about not having a phone until he was 16 because he would go to church and everyone would be staring at their phone and wouldn't talk.

I am seeing a need of balance, reconstruction in our battle plan in our home to conquer this issue, and revive our lives.

Do you set yourself boundaries? Your children (even if they are grown please share what you did)?
Did you allow screen time during the week? Take a media off day? Media fasts or breaks? Set daily timers? Weekends only? Evenings only? Is it bad? Should I just chill?  Am I bad person if this is our hobby?  Ugh!

Please....PLEASE...chime in!!!

Tomorrow's topic- Rebellion!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The "Crud" is Here!

Hello friends. The "crud" or shall I say the "sickies" has visited our home. It hit Hannah Monday night and she is still in the bed. She is feeling a little better. It is now starting to fight me. Our week has been SLOW to say the least. It is a nice welcome yet I feel this constant anxious feeling of "getting behind".

Hannah did do a lesson of math and a workbook for her Dyslexia. She slept the whole day yesterday. the other boys have done their work. Kyle hasn't been able to do history or science because we do those together so we have been doing extra reading and taking some nice walks (just him and I) around the lake. The weather is cooler and windy due to the Hurricane in Texas area. We are getting some outer rings of it.

I have some Chicken, Potato, Corn, and Noodle soup in the crockpot for Hannah and I to have this evening. We will have to stay in from church. The boys and the husband will go. I will probably do leftovers for them or something in the freezer. I am just not feeling it today! At all! 

Laundry and home is kept up though and that is a relief!

This is just a little tag in today!


Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Weight Watcher Tuesday

Hello everyone. I joined Weight Watchers a week ago. I know many have different opinions on weight loss plans and etc. But it is working for me at the moment. I am trying to finish off my last 25 pounds I would like to lose. I have lost 3 pounds so far. I have really loved experimenting with recipes. I joined when it was just a Dollar and I do online for $3.74 a week. Right now it is affordable for me.

Here are a couple of recipes I have made. Last Night I made......

Chicken Parmesan Stuffed Pasta Shells (recipe from Emily Bites) 8 Smart Points for 3 Jumbo

Mine is on the left side with FF Cheese. I also made extra for me for the rest of the week for lunch.

I paired it with a salad and a Yummy WW's Dessert.

Strawberry Cheesecake Parfaits (recipe from Emily Bites) 4 Smart Points

Today I was CRAVING French Toast. So, I created this on my own.

I used Bagel Thins (3 SP), 1/3 cup of egg whites (0 SP), cinnamon (0 SP), 2 TBLS of Fat Free Milk (0 SP) and I topped with Blueberries and Strawberries (0SP), and drizzle of SF Syrup for (1 SP). It was a totally yummy breakfast for 4 Smart Points "SP".

My portions sizes have had to cut back unless I make healthier options. My fruit and veggie intake have doubled!!! I am learning to Say NO to overeating. I am feeling a little better.

This works for me for now because I can cook for my family and I can still enjoy it. I do not like having to cook separate meals for me and my family. I just don't have the money or time.

I will be making Tuesday (when I can) a day I will share my recipes, goals, and tips for weight loss in general. Not always Weight Watcher related.

This may not be interesting to any of you but it is more of a journal for me and will help me I hope.

If you ever had success with WW's or any other plan let me know! Chime in on tips, recipes, and advice!


Monday, August 28, 2017

Random- Photo Help, Tea Parties, and a Little Inspiration

Good Monday Morning! This morning started early for me.
I couldn't sleep real well last night and woke up at 4:54 AM!!! So, I just got the day going.
I had a sweet prayer time, journal time, and scripture reading. I am reading through the Bible this year. I am in Eccl. and Hebrews. But I had a Psalm today.

I am sharing our Tea Time snapshots from Thursday. We do this every Thursday. I made Cinnamon Sugar Doughnuts and cut up berries. The kids wanted Lemonade so that is what we had for our "tea"!

We are reading through a really great book of old legends of music. Super neat read.

On a different note.....I need some tips or advice!!! I am wanting to start organizing my current photos. I am guilty of taken hundreds of photos and they just stay stored on my computer or camera disk. I want to start an album/scrapbook/book of each year. I had been thinking of this and Billie Jo (Blogger friend) shared an idea that I love. Check it out here. Scroll down to the end of post and you will see her idea.  I feel overwhelmed with previous years and really dislike I do not have current photos laying around of family. Any tips?? Do you scrapbook? Put in boxes, albums, make Photo books, digital scrapbook?  How do you keep up with printing?

Just a little inspiration from my morning read today.

Psalm 73:26 "My flesh and my heart my fail, but God is the strength of my heart (soul) and my portion forever."

No matter what God is our strength. Even once this life we live stops HE is our PORTION. Aim for your Inheritance in Christ!


Thursday, August 24, 2017

Happenings at Keeping Home "School"

Last week was our first week of school and we had a nice kick off. We made Indian Villages, read a lot of good books, and learned a lot! It was a fun week. I made a yummy homemade chicken pot pie for supper one evening. It was so good!!!

For our Tea Time I made Chocolate Pumpkin Muffins. YUMMY!

I am having a hard time blogging and reading blogs due to our busy school schedule. I thought it would be a little more slow paced. is but it does take a lot of my energy and my season right now in life is focusing on this. It may be slim posting here one week and a lot the next!

Hope you will still stop by for a visit!


Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Every summer I choose a book to read on Homeschooling to encourage, refresh, and freshen my vision for the upcoming school year. Homeschooling is not for the weak or faint hearted. There are days that are rewarding and some that are hard...down right hard.

Questions run through my mind like, "Am I doing enough?" or "Will they ever learn this?" We can get caught up in the pressure of "state standards" or other peoples "opinions". I have often battled these things. But I always go back to our mission and the reason we homeschool. I take a deep breath and move on.

I also notice many homeschool moms running around all the time from  activity, sport, and program. Making sure their kids get ALL they think they need. I have done this before. I quickly realize it is not healthy for myself or my kids. I think activities are good and have there place but they should never take the place of home life, family time, and church.

I wanted to share a quote from the book I have been reading..."As parents, we need to be discerning in whose opinions we value. Homeschooling can be challenging enough. It's important to guard our hearts (Proverbs 4:23) and remember that our children have been given to us. With the exception of their creator, no once knows them better than we do." Durenda Wilson from the Book The Unhurried Homeschooler

May we embrace our days with our children, grandchildren, and those we love. Not getting caught up with what others say we have to do or teach our children. Follow God and your own instincts for your children/child.


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Last "Summer" Day

We kicked off our last "Summer day" before school started by sleeping in, making slime, making cupcakes, watching Swiss Family Robinson and enjoying a SLOW Day of fun!

Such a fun day!

Be blessed!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Back to School 2017

This is Ethan's Last First Day of High School. It was a bittersweet day! We had our traditional breakfast for the first day of school. I am entering a different season of motherhood. I have a Senior, and new junior high preteen, and my youngest is no more in single digits! Bittersweet is the only word I can say. I am thankful they are healthy, happy, and growing but it just feels as the time has flew and I wish I could still cuddle with them all ( I still do the younger ones) and miss their sweet younger years.


Friday, August 11, 2017

A Little Goes a Long Way-Being a World Changer

Hello everyone. I am a partner with Mercy House Global. Check them out here. It is a wonderful ministry that helps young mothers all over the world make an income to be able to meet the needs of their families. Mercy House gives jobs to the ladies by giving them the supplies they need to make their handicrafts and sale them to people all over the world.

I support this ministry monthly. But every now and then I purchase an item. This month they had these tic~tac~toe bags for $5.00. That is a few days of meals for these women and their children. The quality was exceptional.

I also received a picture of the ladies that had a hand in making these bags. I put it on the fridge to pray for them. The kids love this bag. It is great for travel and just when your out and about.

Here are some pictures of what I received.

Do you support any global ministries?  I know people are nervous on helping certain ministries. This Ministry Ann Voskamp is a huge supporter of and promotes it. So, I trust her in her suggestion. I have also researched it and it truly is a great ministry with a great purpose.

Let's be ARROWS ladies! Let us shoot our blessings to others across the world and shower blessings on those in need.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Back to School Mantle

Hello everyone! We are starting school August 14th. We originally planned for the 7th but due to us going out of town it just didn't work the way I had planned. All is good! It is the luxury of homeschool.

Here is our Back to School mantle and some little places in our home we will use for school.

I got this new board for our memory verses, announcements, character of month, and other things.

This other nook is a corner in our dining area where we do school. I found this cute metal USA cut out at Michael's craft store for $5.99 on sale. We are studying states and etc. so it was a perfect item for the school area. I also have a canvas rolling cart for school manuals and books.

We are having our "Back to School" meeting today. This is where I go over expectations, share with them the plans, and go over "home rules" again!

I hope you all are doing good. I have been really busy and then took some time to rest. I have been reading most of my blogs I follow but not posting. I hope to get back to regular schedule soon.


Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Wrapping Up the Summer

Hello everyone!!! It has been some busy few weeks! This summer break has really flew for us! I know there is still many summer days left but for us we are entering our School Routine next week. I have been plugging away at my long project lists, planning, and trying to do some things with kids before the freer days end.

Yummy Breakfasts, many pool days, hanging out with friends, grilling out, and lots of fun!